What are the Skincare Products Dermatologists Avoid?

Dermatologists are well-aware of the myths and misinformation that circulate around about skin care—they sometimes see the results of those bad tips on the faces of their patients, too. So we wondered, What Are Skincare Products Dermatologists Avoid? Here’s the full list of what they replied:

6 Skincare Products Dermatologists Always Avoid

#1 Pitted Scrubs

This means skin scrubs and DIY facials that contain microbeads, shells from ground-up nuts and fruit pits. Doctors say that these are just too abrasive and harsh for the skin.


#2 DIY Sunscreens

They may sound like a good idea with their touted “all-natural” ingredients, but it’s difficult to ensure that a sunblocker you whip up from an online recipe will actually offer the SPF you need to protect against UVA and UVB rays.


#3 Regular Old Soap

Some dermatologists say that plain old soap can strip away nutritents from the skin, including the lipids that help keep it fresh and moisturized. Instead, they say they use a gentle cleanser with no fragrances that’s formulated for use on the face.


#4 Parabens

The issue that many dermatologists have with parabens is that they can irritate the skin and in some cases, even cause allergic eczema, which is not a good look for anybody.


#5 Permanent Fillers

It’s tempting to have saggy skin plumped up this way, but if you have a bad reaction with lumps or bumps or redness, this can also be permanent.


#6 Spicy or Citrusy Facials

Dermatologists advise proceeding with caution, since cinnamon and citrus fruits like lemon can actually irritate the skin instead of soothing it or exfoliating it properly.

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