How Ruby Powers Passion and Prosperity

The ruby is considered one of the world’s four precious gemstones (the others being diamond, sapphire, and emerald). Pink to blood-red in color, it is not surprising that the ruby gets its name from the Latin rubeus, which means, simply “red.” Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight all contribute to the value of any particular ruby stone. Dark red stones are among the most valuable.

Rubies are said to possess the ability to amplify the energy, leadership skills, and adventurous nature of the wearer. In general, this colorful stone is associated with prosperity, passion, and positive emotions. These effects are also said to be at work in ruby’s ability to boost a wearer’s chi or life force energy.

Ruby has been long used as a stone to increase passion and to attract and increase romantic love. It can enhance emotions in a positive manner. It is also said to bring integrity, devotion, and happiness to romance, as well as careers.  On top of all that, ruby is said to alleviate guilt, and inspire honesty, sensuality, and sensuality.

Tips for reaping the benefits of rubies:

Be certain the stone you choose is an authentic ruby. Other red or pink stones include garnet, pink or red tourmaline, pink quartz, and spinel.

Consider a man-made stone. Ruby is a stone that can be created in the lab, and synthetic or man-made rubies may be more abundant than those found in nature. Opinions differ widely as to whether man-made rubies have the same metaphysical energies as natural rubies. Use your intuition and experience to guide you.

Not best for meditation. Many stones are useful for cultivating calm before and during meditation, but ruby is likely too activating for that purpose.

Choose to wear red. Ruby is the traditional birthstone for people born in the fiery month of July. Beautiful jewelry – picture an amulet or ring – set with rubies makes a meaningful birthday gift.

Sleep on it. If you wish to increase your ability to dream, and in particular wish to experience lucid dreams, put a piece of ruby stone under the pillow.

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