A Guide to Gemstone Meanings: Significance of Each Stone

Through the years, the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics have unlocked the potential of gemstones as powerful ingredients for skincare. But throughout the history of mankind, these gems have also held special meaning and value for many people. These meanings are part of the reason why these stones are so revered even today. Here’s a quick look at the hidden meanings of these sacred stones.

#1 Amber
Amber takes millions of years to form from tree resin, so its meaning is grounded in the earth, evolution and the passage of time.

#2 Amethyst
The cool purple tone of amethyst has historically given it a sense of calmness and protection. It’s also a very spiritual stone that’s traditionally been held in high value by the Catholic Church.

#3 Aquamarine
Aquamarine is forever connected to the sea. Its blue and green hues evoke the calmness and tranquility of ocean waves lapping along the shoreline.

#4 Aventurine
The bold green of aventurine gives it meaning as a “luck stone.” It’s thought to bring good fortune, wealth and prosperity.

#5 Diamond
As arguably the most coveted of the gemstones, the meaning of the diamond is steeped in power, as well as ingenuity, creativity and imagination.

#6 Pearl
Pearl is a pure and healing stone. Wearing it is thought to promote calmness, faith and purity.

#7 Rock Crystal
Also known as quartz, rock crystal is a powerful stone. For the user, it has traditionally evoked a force of energy and a sense of clarity.

#8 Rose Quartz
The warm pink hues of rose quartz offer protection for all matters of the heart. They are a calming presence in the face of love-sickness or grief, and they promote self-worth.

#9 Ruby
Rich, bold and red, the ruby’s meaning is steeped in love, passion and sexuality.

#10 Sapphire
The cold blue of the sapphire inspires insight, intelligence and enhanced communication ability. It also enhances feelings of spiritual devotion.

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