What is Gemstone Color Therapy?

Gemstone Color Therapy has been around for a while. Reiki practitioners in particular, use crystals and gemstones to balance the energy flow within a patient’s body.

Here’s the best guide to understanding Gemstone Color Therapy:


Red gemstones increase energy levels. These crystals stimulate and protect. Ruby is the best red gemstone known to balance and boost the energy around the heart area.


Pink gemstones are used to translate our emotions into tangible acts and small steps towards achieving our goals. If you’re feeling overly sensitive or overwhelmed and trapped by your emotions, Pink crystals will gently push your troubles towards a resolution. The most famous example of a pink crystal is Rose Quartz which will bring you peace and confidence.


If you’re an artist or need a boost in your creativity, orange crystals are for you. Carnelian is an example of a gemstone that heals by increasing passion and joyfulness.


If you have any digestive, immunologic or nervous system issues, yellow gemstones, such as Amber, restore their correct functioning. They are also popular tools to manage stress and fight panic attacks.


Green gemstones promote healthy relationships, unblock emotions and heal anxiety. Amazonite is believed to heal any throat and lung diseases. Malachite enables change and disrupts undesirable behaviour patterns.

Light Blue

When it comes to your senses and your communication skills, pale blue crystals are the best choice. Aquamarine is a great example in this color category. It aids in the expression of spiritual thoughts with courage.


When related to intuition, then that’s the best job you can assign to an Indigo gemstone. If you’re looking to boost your sixth sense, Azurite will be a great partner for your healing process.


When in doubt, go for violet crystals. Purple gemstones balance the body, and are perfect for situations when the exact cause of discomfort is unknown. That is why Amethyst is the most popular choice as an all purpose healing crystal.


White crystals are great energy amplifiers and purifiers.  Moonstone is used to release tensions located in the digestive system.


Black crystals serve as energy anchors. Smoky Quartz turns around any negative states and is a frequent choice for meditation.

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