Find Your Birthstone and What It Means about You

Like astrological signs, birthstones assigned to different months are supposed to mean a lot more than just a pretty stone to go with the month. Each stone signifies specific personality traits that are assigned to people born within that month. Here’s what your birthstone might say about your personality.

#1 Garnet
The birthstone of January, garnet is associated with leadership and confidence. For some, this may translate into stubbornness, but it is generally done in a manner of expecting high standards.

#2 Amethyst
The pure and purple amethyst of February equates to honesty and loyalty. People of this birthstone may tend to be a bit shy or quiet, but these attributes can relate to a positive humbleness, as well.

#3 Aquamarine
Aquamarine derives its powers from the sea. The calmness, peace and serenity that this can evoke are common personality traits among those of this March birthstone.

#4 Diamond
The diamond of April inspires power, strength and fearlessness. It may cross over into hard-headedness in certain issues, as well.

#5 Emerald
Emeralds in May tend to bring clarity and focus. People with this birthstone tend to be very goal-oriented and driven to accomplish what they have set out in front of them.

#6 Pearl
Formed from organic materials, pearls impart those same organic sensibilities to individuals who have this June birthstone. They may be sensitive, funny, loving and emotional.

#7 Ruby
The fiery red of the July ruby comes out in a fiery, strong personality. Moodiness and strong loyalty are both personality traits of those with this birthstone.

#8 Peridot
This soothing green stone of August can evoke feelings of romance. These strong passions also come out in the form of a strong will and extreme confidence.

#9 Sapphire
The sapphire of September tends to bring out loyalty and generosity. They’re hard-working, but also can kick back and have fun, as well.

#10 Opal
The opal of October is a gem that leads to friendliness and a willingness to talk. Extreme decisiveness and being overly emotional are other personality traits attributed to this stone.

#11 Topaz
If your birthstone is the topaz of November, then you might tend to be determined to meet your goals, but also patient on the path to get there. People with this birthstone also tend to be loners.

#12 Turquoise
Turquoise, the birthstone of December, reflects on people who appreciate honesty as well as praise and attention. Loyalty is another trait of those with the December birthstone.

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