What are the Most Frequent Eye Shadow DONTs?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and eye shadow, when done properly, only enhances and beautifies those windows. Unfortunately, as most women can attest, there are few things trickier to get right than applying eye shadow. Luckily, getting beautiful results with eye shadow doesn’t have to be an impossible skill. Step number one, is to identify the common eye Shadow DONTs that you might be making.

4 Eye Shadow DONTs

#1 Over-Applying in Certain Areas

There’s no question that getting eye shadow just right is a fine art. If you apply it too heavily beyond a certain area around the eye, it can start to be a bit much and even make your eyes look like they have dark circles. The key is subtle blending, as well as making sure you don’t extend too far above or below the eyes.

#2 Choosing the Wrong Color

You may think that a color close to your eyes is the way to go with eye shadow, but the reality is that the best choice for flattering your eyes is a contrasting color on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, blues really pop with a brown or gold eye shadow, while greens love a deep burgundy.

#3 Not Blending Well

If the eye shadow is a thick line that stops abruptly at a certain point beyond the eye, the visual effect can be a bit jarring. It’s important to work on the technique of blending the eye shadow out subtly as you extend beyond the area around the eye.

#4 Using the Wrong Brush

The mini applicator that comes with your eye shadow might be handy when traveling, but it’s not that great at applying it well. A makeup brush does a much better job of feathering, blending and providing the light touch that’s needed.

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