How Diamond Balances Mind and Body

All natural stones and crystals have their own unique energetic vibrations; these energies can resonate with our bodies and affect our moods and physical conditions.

The diamond is the best-known and most highly marketed gemstone on the planet. This clear white or blue-white stone (they can also be yellow, blue, or even brown) fascinates people and radiates an aura of luxury and decadence. Diamond is the hardest natural substance, and the word diamond is derived from the Greek adamas meaning “hardest steel.”

In terms of our mental states, diamonds can have a metaphysical impact on our dreams, our relationships, and our self-esteem. Envisioning diamonds in a dream signifies that you may be finding clarity in matters that have been confusing until now. Receiving diamonds as a gift indicates commitment and dedication. Some traditions believe that diamonds are capable of helping us clear energetic obstacles, encourage the casting away of negative emotions and thoughts, and increase self-respect and self love. In the Hindu system of physical energy centers, the diamond is associated with the “crown” or seventh chakra, uniting the body and the mind.

It may sound unlikely, but diamonds can play a role in skincare as well. Diamonds are biocompatible and make an excellent delivery system for other substances. They can provide gentle micro-exfoliation, create optical diffusion, and increase skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. Diamonds are appearing in high-end products that promise brightening, blurring, and luminizing effects.

Here are some tips for utilizing the benefits of diamonds:

  1. To get the most illuminating skin effects from certain superfine diamond powders, skincare products should ideally contain about 5 percent diamond mix.
  2. Look for formulations that bind diamond particles to active skincare ingredients, like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or collagen.
  3. Black diamonds are said to refract the most light, providing a reflecting and minimizing effect on wrinkles and fine lines and creating a glowing complexion.
  4. Diamond skincare products are very popular right now, and counterfeits are on the rise. To be sure you are getting an authentic product that is not expired, buy direct from the manufacturer’s website.

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