3 Healing Benefits of Amber

As a gemstone that forms over millions of years from hardened tree resin, amber is a truly unique gemstone. Unlike the harder and sharper geologic stones, these distinct characteristics give amber metaphysical properties that are more tied to the Earth and the passage of time. Along those lines, the healing properties of amber are also quite unique. Here are a few of the distinct ways that amber can help with healing, according to the skincare and beauty researchers of Kristals Cosmetics.

#1 Amber Calms Emotions and Creates a Positive Attitude
The ties of amber to the earth and time can create a sense of calmness and relaxation. It can help people to think of positive things, even when times are tough. It’s a meditative stone that can help evoke a sense of peace.

#2 Amber Aids in Feelings of Grief and Sadness
Along these lines, amber’s benefits for healing are perhaps most poignant when individuals are dealing with the worst of times. Sadness, grief, desperation and depression are all conditions for which amber can lend a healing hand. Amber can bring about a sense of confidence and mental clarity and provide the strength to move forward in the face of adversity.

#3 Amber Cleanses Both Spaces and Organs
Amber’s protective and earth-bound properties also seem to give it a cleansing effect in a variety of different ways. Many individuals who believe in the power of gemstones will use amber to prepare a hospital or healing room before a person needs to use it, for example. Problems related to the kidneys, liver, bladder or stomach also seem to be aided by amber’s unique cleansing properties. And if you have a medical condition such as a goiter, laryngitis or other issues related to the throat, amber seems to have a healing impact in these instances, as well.

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